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Victoria Lucas & Lucy Powell (UK)

Trace (Friday 13th)*

14. - 20. Februar 2009

*kuratiert bei Leo





© Victoria Lucas, Stills, 2008

Stills 2008/2009
Video Installation

'Photographs were often called 'stills' in the late 18th century, in part because photographers were prone to shout 'Still' to alert their subjects that the shutter was about to be opened and that they were to hold their pose without moving.'
- Jonathan Friday, Stillness Becoming: Reflections on Bazin, Barthes and Photographic Stillness

Reminiscent of life and present on digital film, the inanimate taxidermy specimens imitate a series of photographs; petrified as if captured in one singular moment through the lifelike pose and appearance long after death. These portraits re-present a duration of time; their deceptive gaze seemingly watching time pass as the reflection of their spectators moves across the glass surface of their eyes.

Exploring the relationship between photography, film, and temporality, Stills presents the reality of the medium in which it is created. The moving image significantly conveys the temporal aspects of actuality, in relation to its existence as a subject affected and controlled by the forces of time. Here time is still present, but the most important characteristic of life, movement, has been extracted.

© Lucy Powell, Liminal Animal, 2008. 36 cats whiskers, velvet, shellac frame

© Lucy Powell, In the labyrinth the lab mice dream they are still navigating, 2009. 32 modelled ceramic teeth, life size

I am showing two new works and suffice it to say that they will take you into the labyrinth the lab mice dream they are still navigating. It being Friday 13th and all, I think this is an appropriate choice. Grit your teeth, tip-toe through.

L. P.


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