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Zazzaro Otto

fantic & cruisade

september 23rd - 30th 2018

zqm Zazzaro Otto Fantis & Cruisade
zqm Zazzaro Otto Fantis & Cruisade
zqm Zazzaro Otto Fantis & Cruisade

(c) Zazzaro Otto 2018

Cyclic movements and immobility.
Courses and historical recourses.
A contemporary crusade.

"in this way, trough long centuries of barbarism, rust will consume
the misbegotten subtleties of malicious ingenuities that have turned
them into beasts made more inhuman by the barbarism of reflection
than the first man had been made by the barbarism of sense"*.

*G. B. Vico, Princìpi di scienza nuova (1744)

A rigged moped, overloaded with symbols of medieval Christianity. A lance, the red and white reminding Saint George's cross. Let's imagine it turning and roaring from the streets of a district, in Milan, where today a large number of immigrants is massed, and where right-wing nationalists collect more and more support.
On its body it's possible to read "Deus le volt" (God wants it), the motto coined by Peter the Hermit, instigator and leader of what is recorded in history as the Crusade of the Paupers (XIth century) when all sorts of people - mendicants, priests, monks, women, soldiers, lords and even princes - left for Asia Minor to hunt the Turks, on expeditions never made official by the Church.
Against a military green background, a fabric wall recreates the setting of this contemporary crusading vehicle. A mobile strip turns non-stop on itself, while on the outside everything appears still.

Once again the artist investigates the aesthetics of war and the effects it has on the most destructive human instincts, including its own peculiar ability to bring out those instincts' playful implications and paradoxical excesses. In this case, the war of religion raises other questions: the hunt for the different, the desire of imposing one's creed, the surplus of iconography and the slogans that re-emerge punctually during all periods when humanity degenerates back into barbarism. Thus, a strict order initiates a great and violent period of chaos, for the most disparate human and divine motivations, without actually resolving anything definitively.
Regarding cyclical movements and immobility, courses and recourses investigated so much by historians and philosophers, this work offers a great additional support: an intelligent and subtly ironic aesthetic approach which attracts, astonishes and makes one think all at the same time.
(Text by Laura Marras)

Zazzaro Otto Born in 1988 in Sassuolo, Italy
Lives and works between Berlin and Milan

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